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Trumpet Sounds of My Students:

30 Sound Clips of my students.

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Lew Custode
Lew is from NY and he came down asking me to help him sound like Al Hirt. Lew is very busy with his Dixie Band and his small group.

I Got Rhythm



Keith Fiala
Keith is very busy in the Austin, Texas area. He plays with Memphis Train a hot R&B group.

Keith did 2 tours with Maynard Ferguson and the BBNB. He told me that he is having the time of his life playing with the BOSS everyday.

The Maynard giving Keith his introduction at a concert in Chicago.

Maynard introducing Keith at a gig

Trumpet sounds - A recording Keith did of What is Hip.

What is Hip

Keith is in the busiest band in the Austin area. Memphis Train Revue

He has also recorded his first solo project "Bedtime Stories" available at his website

Let's Stay Together
Nights Without You

With Maynard Ferguson video
With Randy Brecker video
Backrow Politics video


Anne King

Anne is a pro in L.A. and has toured with Guns and Roses, recorded and performed with Sheena Easton, Don Henley, K.D. Lang, Jennifer Lopez, Stevie Wonder and many others.

Anne also plays lead in my student Rex Merriweather's big band. They are known for big trumpet sounds. That shows you Anne is one mean player.

Check out Anne's web site Anne King

Chaos Japanese Style

Message From Ararat

Whose Line is it Anyway - Song Styles skit video
Wabash Blues video
S' Wonderful video


Roddy Lewis

I received this email from Roddy and I had to include him.

Hi ya from Wales UK!
How are you?
Would you consider adding a trumpet sound clip from me to your pupils page? I know we've never met but it was only after reading/playing your books did I get the range thing!
I assure you that it was only your book (and Mr. Jacoby's) which gave me the help I needed.
If another teacher put up a page with clips on I would not consider sending a clip.
I would be honoured if you would consider me a pupil (albeit a remote one!) : )
Yours Roddy o-iii

Look at Roddy's website
Where Roddy has a new book on embouchure self analysis called "Embouchure Enhancement"

Maynard Ferguson in G
Uptown Trumpet sounds Blues



Tommy Loy

Our dear friend Tommy Loy has passed away. Tommy Loy was very well known in the Dallas area. Tommy was the trumpet player who played the Star Spangled Banner as a solo at every Dallas Cowboy game for 22 years (Including a Super Bowl).
Tommy was a great big band player but his love was Dixieland.
Tommy had a radio show every Monday night at 7pm on KEZY radio at It is our hope that they continue to play some of Tommy's old recordings.

These clips are from a CD with Jon Stutler on Clarinet. The CD Razzmajazz is available at

The trumpet sounds of Tommy Loy

China Boy clip
South clip
I've Got A Crush On You clip
Lime House Blues clip
Dallas Blues clip

More about Tommy Loy



Brandon Lusk

Brandon plays in several groups here in Dallas.
Brandon is playing on Monette equipment on these clips.

These clips are with Cowboys and Indians who have a couple of CDs out.

My Funny Valentine clip 1
My Funny Valentine clip 2
South of the Border clip
A Big Night in Cowtown clip

This is Brandon with the Ricki Derek Vegas Six. This is a popular group here and yes they do play in Vegas from time to time.
These clips are from their Christmas CD available at

Jingle Bells clip
Let It Snow clip



Rex Merriweather

Rex is a strong lead player who can be heard all over LA. He also does some work in Vegas. Rex is constantly pushing the limits of the trumpet. From Chase to Classical up 2 octaves nothing is off limits.
These are clips from Rex's new CD called Chased. Rex overdubbed all of the trumpet and keyboard parts.
Rex can be reached at for bookings.

Buy the CD "Chased" at

Pops wit da Chops clip Written by Rex.
Scirocco Storm clip Written by Rex.
Scirocco Storm clip 2 by Rex.
Home on the Upper Range clip 1
Home on the Upper Range clip 2
Home on the Upper Range clip 3
Drums - Joe Quarroito, Bass - Brenda Hunt, Guitar - Greg Dunklin, Keyboards - Rex Merriweather, Trombones - Jennifer Hague, Saxes - Kurt Anderson, Trumpets - Rex Merriweather.

Get it on video
Green Hornet video


Kurt Schulenburg

Kurt received a degree in Music Education from Lawrence University in Appleton Wisconsin in 1979.
He has played a bunch of stuff behind some name artists, done some professional time on the sax and currently plays in the Sinful Saints Dixieland Band (on Soprano Saxello).
He is also the Assistant Conductor of the Crystal Lake Community Band where he plays more trumpet than anything else.
Equipment: Holton Cornet (student model with Shepherd's Crook) and a Schilke 14A4X mouthpiece.
Check out Kurt's web page

Kurt's Double C Trumpet sounds Blues



John Von Wetzel

John is a true comeback player. And his return to the trumpet has been fun to watch.

John currently plays with the Richland College Big Band, a jazz sextet called Hangtime and at Stonebriar Community Church (pastor Chuck Swindoll). He has also played in the Texas Instruments Big Band and the Pecos River Big Band.

John played all of the parts on these clips. His trumpet is a gold plated Flip Oakes Wild Thing with a 13B4a Schilke mouthpiece. John also used a Kanstul Flugelbone and a Roland PMA5 with a Roland XP50 Synthesizer.

A Child is Born clip
Georgia clip 1
Georgia clip 2



Keith Wood

Keith went to UNT and has done lots of playing in Nashville and later in Branson.
Keith also studied with my old teacher Don "Jake" Jacoby. (Yes I have many of "Jakes'" students taking lessons from me.) Keith is currently working on some recordings.

This is from a CD Keith recorded with The Jack Mitchell Praise Band.

Stardust 1
Stardust 2
Love of God
Carnival of Venice Recorded during a lesson with NO notice.

Bach Brandenburg #2 Third mov
Keith Wood (pic), The Baroque Chamber Players.

Vivaldi Concerto for 2 Trumpets Third mov
The Lakewood Trio.

Alla Hornpipe
The Lakewood Trio
Keith Wood (pic), Ken Lake (pic) and Ernest Whitmore (organist NOT a student).
More info on the Lakewood Trio and Naturally Brass at Naturally Brass

2 video clips of Keith Wood at the end of an all day a lesson with me.
Short lick and how he feels with the new set.
Arpeggio Low G up to Double D and down to Pedal D.

Misc files of students from lessons:

Arban exercise
Another Toreador
CoV melody
Arban 125-2 octaves
Arban 125-2 octaves (everybody plays this here)


More to come.

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